Delay in Kannada Kurukshetra movie

Delay in Kannada Kurukshetra movie 1

Big Budget Kannada movie Kurukshetra is facing some delay for Political reasons.
Kurukshetra movie is the Challenging Star darshan’s 50th movie. As the producer of the movie announced, the movie will be released on this Ugadi April 6th. But the released has been further delayed for various reasons.

Delay in Kannada Kurukshetra movie 2

Main Reason:

Due to Nikhil Kumaraswamy’s Political entry, the movie is delayed for another 6 months. However, Challenging star Darshan is the lead role for the movie and Nikhil Kumaraswamy is portraying Abhimanyu role in the movie.


Violation of Election Code of Conduct:

According to the Election Code of Conduct, Kurukshetra movie release is not allowed to release until the election over. If this film releases during the election, Then it will be a violation of the Election Code of Conduct.

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