Everything you need to know about Jio GigaFiber

Everything you need to know about Jio GigaFiber

Some pieces of information we’ve managed to collect about Jio GigaFiber which you need to know about.

We all know how jio stormed the market in the telecom sector. When other telecom companies busy making money giving poor service, jio banged the market with lots of cool offers and better service.
As time goes in, jio trying to step into other sectors also. Jio is now launching JionGigFiber to over Broadband and TV cable sector.

Everything you need to know about Jio GigaFiber

Everything you need to know about Jio GigaFiber:

What is jio GigaFiber?

Jio GigaFiber is fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband service is pitched as an all-in-one solution offering a host of services including broadband, IPTV, landline, virtual reality gaming and more.

Is Jio GigaFiber free?

Users are required to pay Rs 4500 at the time of the installation as a security deposit for the connection. This amount will be fully refunded to you if you wish to return the router and modem at any point in time. There is no maximum or minimum days of the time limit for the device used to get the refund. You can use the device for two days or two years and return it to get your refund amount provided the device should be in a working condition with no physical damage on it.

Everything you need to know about Jio GigaFiber

Is there any offer in Jio GigaFiber?

Jio GigaFiber is running a preview offer under which it offers 1100GB data benefit with speeds up to 100Mbps for first 3 months.

What are the plans introduced by jio GigaFiber?

Jio is expected to launch the broadband plans at a starting price of Rs 500 which would offer 300GB monthly data. The plan is said to come in three categories – Jio GigaFiber Speed-based plans, Jio GigaFiber volume-based plans, and Jio GigaFiber special broadband plan.

Everything you need to know about Jio GigaFiber

When is the launch?

Jio has already launched in a few major cities like Delhi and Mumbai for testing. The official launch was planned for March but it is further delayed due to deployment taking place in many cities yet. However, the Jio GigaFiber will be officially launched in June or July.

Are they coming to my city?

Right now Jio is doing area Ready for Sale (RFS) for its GigaFiber service. The area RFS means that Jio officials in their respective assigned areas are reaching out to the management authorities of high rising societies and owners of personal homes to tell them about the Jio GigaFiber.If they agree then Jio deploys its executives in that area to sell its service to the residents of that area.

Everything you need to know about Jio GigaFiber

Which are the first cities receive Jio GigaFiber?

The company is first targeting the Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) like the high-rising societies and then the Single Dwelling Unit(SDU) such as private homes for the deployment. At first, Jio GigaFiber will be launched for Major cities (capital cities). As times goes on, jio GigaFiber will be available nationwide.

What else to expect?

Earlier rumors suggested that the Jio GigaHub box could be multipurpose and not just a source of internet service. So, there were more about Jio’s new DTH service, and the understanding is GigaTV set-top-box is likely to launch but when the company launches internet protocol television (IPTV) the same GigaHub could be used as a set-top box, but there is no confirmation nor dates on it as of now. However, apart from this additional rumored feature, there is nothing else known about this.

Everything you need to know about Jio GigaFiber

I hope these pieces information cleared all your confusion about Jio GigaFiber. Well, I feel Installation charge is quite high but getting 1100GB free with 100Mbps for 3 months is totally worth it. There is No doubt in jio rocking Broadband sector.

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