General Predictions for India – 2018 Yugadi

General Predictions for India - 2018 Yugadi 1

General Predictions:

General Predictions for India - 2018 Yugadi 2

With the beginning of Vilambi nama Samvatsara, here are few general predictions applicable across the globe.

King: Sun
Minister: Saturn
Commander –in–chief: Mercury and Venus
Agriculture: Moon

Jupiter will be in Libra till Oct 2018. He will be retrograde from March to July 2018. Mars will be in Capricorn till May 2018. During this time there will be noticeable changes in lives of those born in Sagittarius and Pisces. Educationists and Philanthropists will have a great time. New inventions and discoveries will take place. Space Researches will be successful.

Jupiter and Mercury who control finance, banking, stock market, gambling will remain retrograde together till 15 April 2018. During this time financial crimes done in the past will be exposed. Decisions taken by governments in past also can backfire to some extent.

As Jupiter is retrograde in Venus sign Libra, more people will fall in love, get engaged and some even marry in a hurry. Most of them will be either Inter-Caste or Inter-Faith Marriages. Due to this Honor killings will also increase.

As Saturn is in Sagittarius, Unconstitutional activities will increase. Few organizations in the name of service will promote a particular community for self-benefits which will mislead youth.
Government policies, orders will be good on paper but will fail in implementations due to corruption in system.

Elections conducted during this time will see ruling parties losing it. Opposition will have gain.

Police will be busy with more cyber crimes. Youth will become criminals for silly reasons.
Financial and white collar crimes will rapidly increase in this year.
Fire Accidents are on cards. Rail and Air Accidents as well.

Talks between India-Pakistan will fail and surgical strikes will take place.
Governments will make new laws to promote Environment awareness. However due to increase in industrial waste that will be a failure.

NRIs will suffer in USA and Europe. Illegal immigration will be a headache to European countries. Indian economy will face turmoil and so does economies of many European countries and USA. Germany and Australia will face financial crisis.

Sun being the king will lead to war across the border for many countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Afghanistan and Middle-East. Terrorists will attack in different disguises, but most of them will be prevented by intelligence bureau or defended by army force.

Venus is exalted in Pisces. Due to this many women will get selected in public services. Women will gain fame in all sports making the nation proud.
At the same time, crime on women will also increase. Newly made laws will prove to be ineffective.
India will gain more fame because of women in 2018.

Fake monks will increase and will be exposed in media.
Fake Women monks will make money making their prime agenda and Religion becomes a business.

More women will be affected by cancer. A very popular and influential woman will die.
More rains will be in hill stations and cities, less in villages. Few metro cities will be severely affected by heavy rains.
Islands in Indian Ocean and Arabian sea, Sri Lanka will experience heavy rains and cyclones. Due to depression in Bay of Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala will have huge rainfall. States in India with oceans on either sides will have floods and can destroy livelihood. Earthquake will hit North Indian States.

Debilitated Mercury conjunct with Exalted Venus will lead to suicidal tendencies in young generation. So does Accidents, Rash driving and Alcoholism. 80% of youth will be addicted to drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc. Neighbouring country China would plot to wage a Biological war against India.

As Moon is caretaker of Agriculture this year, untimely rains and natural calamities will destroy crops.
Vegetables growing under the soil like onions, potatoes, peanuts will be available in excess.
Adulteration and pesticides will affect food production.
Dairy products will be in demand thus their prices will increase.
Present generation will show very less interest in agriculture. Due to this new kinds of diseases increase and malnutrition will become a headache to the government. Doctors find it hard to diagnose the rarest diseases and some may predict it wrongly leading to death of patients.

Governments will approve plans for agriculture but climate will not be supportive to implement it.
Few farmers will sell or lose lands and decide to quit agriculture forever.

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