Honnavar Mashup

Honnavar Mashup

Honnavar Mashup:

There was this guy who was with his regular routine work and then came that black day for him where some goons from nowhere showed up and attacked him and told him to chant that particular religious anthem. When he tried to object then came the BARBARIC attack on him where he was ripped off and he seemed like a RAT to them… His eyes intestine and every possible organ were tortured to death and finally, he gave up fighting for his life.

Now the interesting part is that all the national parties have taken this issue for their political interest and each day this is taking a U-turn where it is doubtful that justice for his death would be a mirage and his parents still have a glimpse of hope that it would be taken care of

Signing off, protests may come and go, but the justice is the ultimate reward an innocent would be served with!

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