Kashinath’s sad demise

Kashinath sad demiseThe legendary director, actor, the writer is no more:

Veteran director Kashinath passed away and the whole Karnataka is shell-shocked by this incident.

The director who showed his direction skills through his ANUBHAVA (movie) proved us that he is a director with multitalented skills. He never failed to entertain us being a director and was a man who told us new things can be implemented but not only those typical movie scenes.

He introduced many legendary artists and one among them is Upendra.

Senior actor and director Kashinath is no more

Kashinath is infamously known for his movies where it was considered as vulgar by many cine experts but then he once in his interview told that it is all natural which happens in every household and was shown in a pictorial way on big screen. Now let’s think of this as a common man where if his movies were vulgar then the day to day activities which we do should also be considered vulgar.

Senior actor and director Kashinath is no more

Let’s overcome this cliché of Kashinath’s movie and vulgar but let’s be broad-minded and say the man who kept it simple

To sign off, We will never know the value of a person until he is with us but once when he is away we recite RIP

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