Save Syria!

Save Syria! 1

Two days back there was a huge attack on Syria and all the skyscrapers went beneath the earth and yeah all the condolences are towards the dead and let God give strength to those who have lost their kids, parents and everyone.

Without FB and WhatsApp DP and story statuses Syria won’t be saved!!!!

But the question is there are lots and lots of people who are struggling in our own ‘unity in diversity’ land. But there are no consolation condolences for our own people. Now let’s come to the point. There are many Kashmiri pundits who are struggling to get back to their place. There are many other Kashmiri citizens who are fighting against the aliens. Terrorist attacks, ISIS trouble and many more alien attacks are constant in this place. When people who are in the top of India are not given any place in the so-called DP and story statuses, how much will it affect to those people who are attacked in the other side of the world??

Save Syria! 2

Now my point is not to degrade or demotivate those people who are showing their condolences to the Syrian people but my point is let’s show the great humanity to our people as well.!

To sign off with, humanity has no distance but let’s be humans first!

Save Syria! 3

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