Shocking price rise of petrol and diesel

Shocking price rise of petrol and diesel

Petrol and diesel price is HIGH

Prices record the highest since three years:

Last time petrol was sold at a high price was in the year 2014 where it was recorded at Rs 72.51 in Delhi and today it was recorded at Rs72.43 in Delhi!

The situation has heated up as the sun outside has started smiling by showering his hot rays adding to that petrol price is getting higher day by day!!

If you think diesel price is neutral, no, you are wrong as it has also shot up on Wednesday.

Shocking price rise of petrol and diesel


1.Diesel is the main fuel to transport goods including food products. In some time this would push up inflation as well.

2. Lack of extraction of crude oil by the organization of petroleum exporting countries

3. High demand

4. Imposition of high state taxes

5. Petrol and diesel don’t come under Goods and Services Tax.

To conclude let’s use public transportation more and more so that our size of wallet doesn’t change and we could do our bit in saving our environment.

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