Stay fit – Fitting Reply

Stay fit - Fitting Reply 1

An initiative started by Sports minister and later passed on to many celebrities now making way for many controversies.

As we all know hum fit toh India fit with a hashtag is running all around the social networking sites these days.!! Our Prime Minister was given this challenge by Virat Kohli and then it was passed on to many celebrities… From Chai wala to a common man to a sportsman to Prime Minister, this taking leap from one point to other.

It’s not compulsory to do that or it’s not a primary thing to focus

But the point is this challenge is taking some limelight as controversies are building along with this… Started with Sudeep ‘sir’ to Yash now it has gone to our representatives where our honorable Prime Minister challenged the cm of our state in a polite way but the reply was very much ‘fitting’ where it could have been a decent acceptance but turned out to be an arrogant ‘healthy’ debate.

Stay fit - Fitting Reply 2

Imagine if the CN had accepted the challenge how nice it would have been of him that the PM would have thought some of the benefits giving to the state.

These kinds of replies would harm the state and its people which later would hamper the development.

Stay fit - Fitting Reply 3

A healthy argument is fine but not the arrogant one as we the people did not choose the leader to be arrogant but to be polite so that we can expect some developments in the state.

I urge all our followers to take this challenge and say hum fit hai toh India fit hai with the hashtag.

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