TikTok app banned in India

TikTok app banned in India 1

The Indian government ordered Google and apple to block Chinese owned app TikTok from Playstore and app store.

An activist group filed a case against Chinese-owned app for encouraging child pornography below 18 years old teenagers.

TikTok app banned in India 2

The Indian government has ordered Google and Apple to take down the Chinese-owned Tiktok video app after a court expressed concerns over the spread of pornographic material.

This app had over 500 Million monthly active users worldwide and India alone had 120 million active users. Tiktok app was already banned in a country like Bangladesh for promoting child pornography. In the United States, they levied a huge amount of $5.7m fine for illegally collecting information from children.

TikTok app banned in India 3

The information technology ministry has ordered Google and Apple to remove the app from its online stores. The app was removed from the Google Playstore. however, it was still available in the app store (for Apple phones).

TikTok app which allows users to make and share short videos can still be used by those who have already downloaded it on their smartphones. With short videos of up to 15 seconds, Tiktok has become a major rival to Facebook, Instagram and other social network sites among teenage smartphone users in the past year. It was so annoying and disgusting about how people were so addicted and annoying other audience in all online platforms.

TikTok app banned in India 4

We all know how people went psychologically mad with some childish and nonsense behavior making some shit videos and claiming it as talent. Finally, the Quality online audience is relieved and happy with the decision. Although some are against it as they could are not able to spam anymore.

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