Do not do these things after a meal

According to Ayurveda, there are certain things you should not do after a meal. Because things may take your health to critical condition. So let us see what are they.

Do not do these things after a meal :

1. Do not eat fruits

Do not eat fruits after eating a meal, eating the fruit immediately after a meal will increase the amount of air into the stomach and it will be difficult to digest the food. There is also a chance of food poisoning. If you have a habit of eating fruits every day, then you should eat one hour before meals or after an hour of meals.

2. Do not drink coffee/tea

Some people have a habit of drinking tea after breakfast. But when you drink a tea and coffee, our body loses the ability to absorb the iron ingredient from the food we eat, so tea and coffee are not considered good enough for health.

3. Do not sleep immediately

Do not sleep in mid or after eating a meal. Because immediate sleep after sleep will stop the digestion process. The food we eat is not properly digested. At least wait 2 hours after meals to go to sleep.

4. Do not do any physical activities

Swimming, Running, walking, exercising should not be done immediately after eating meals. Because it produces high amount gastric acid within our abdomen region. According to it is best to sit down and rest and walk 30 minutes after lunch.

5. Do not take bath


Do not take bath as soon as you take a meal or breakfast. It is not a good practice. when you taking bath your hands and legs will be getting tired. If blood vessels become weak, the blood is reduced to the stomach and the digestion process can be interrupted.

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