Do not do these things after workout in gym

Practicing an hour or more in gyms can improve your health. But it is important to follow some appropriate steps after practice. Otherwise, the hours of your hard-work is going to fail. What action do we take after doing the gym? What are the things that should not be done? Take a look at this article

Do not do these things after workout in gym:

Do not eat fatty foods

You should never eat fatty foods after the body is exhausted by gym and exercise. Because fatty foods contain cholesterol, the workout body needs protein and no cholesterol. Eat enough protein and carbohydrate foods as much as possible. The food we eat will quickly enter the blood. Eating fat can slow down the digestive tract.

Do not drink water

Drinking water is usually a practice when the body is more tired. But this practice is not appropriate for health. During the workout or practice, the water will be sweated out from the body and it must be stored back into the body itself and not by drinking. Do not drink water immediately.

Do not be in the same dress

After the workout, sweat is released from the body during exercise. After the gym, we must change the dress mandatory. Otherwise, microbes can affect the health of our skin. Also, cause body odour.

Do not forget to cool your body

The body is warmed after the gym. At that time the body should be rested and cooled. This action should not be neglected. The heart rate can be balanced. This will allow you to do your next task smoothly.

Do not touch the face

Many people have touched the equipment used during the gym. Many germs attach to their sweat. It passes through our hands when handled. When touching the face with those hands, the virus will stick to our skin. So, after a gym, you should wash your baths or hands first.

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