Scientific reason behind the usage of Karpura


Let us know why are Karpura (Camphor) used in worship and the Scientific reason behind the usage of Karpura.

Scientific reason behind the usage of Karpura:

Karpura Is made from the bark of the Camphor tree. It is often used in worship work.


Religious Causes:

The ash burns and exhausts completely without staying so as to serve in the worship of God. This means that the vengeance of the devotee standing before God will be burned and the soul is glorified as it burns the wrath of God. By burning Karpur, positive energy in the atmosphere makes us feel better.

Scientific reason:

This smoke causes bacteria, small insects and viruses to be destroyed in the atmosphere. Memory power increases, skin diseases are healed. The smoke from the Karpura can be relieved of asthma, typhoid, mental illness, shingles, hysteria, joints, and so on.

Carpure smoke is very beneficial for people suffering from epilepsy, mania, and arthritis. Karpur is used in various forms for worship, skin care, and room cleaning. Karpura has a great fragrance, healing properties and is known for spreading positivity atmosphere.

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