Follow these steps immediately when bitten by a snake


Follow these steps immediately when bitten by a snake. Most of the time, this kind of first Aid will save your life. Read more…

Follow these steps immediately when bitten by a snake:

In India, it is estimated nearly 2 Lakhs of people die from a snake bite and it is more than 50 lakhs around the world. There are 250 species in our country. Among them are the poisonous snakes of the 52 species. Five snakes are more poisonous, and the person dies within three hours of the snake bite. If we have any other treatment, we should be given within three hours.

See if the bitten snake is poisonous or Non-poisonous:

It must by biting marks are in the bitten region. If there are one or two marks, it is a poisonous snake, If there are more than three then it is a non-poisonous. After snake bites, the poison goes from the bitten region to the heart, from the heart, flows to all parts of the body. It can take up to three hours for the poison to reach all parts of the body.

Block the region and Suck the blood Out:

Once the snake is bitten, tighten the thread slightly above the bite. The needless syringe should be kept in a place where the snake bites and suck it. When it is sucked, black blood comes first. It is poisonous blood and should be pulled two or three times. Take them to the hospital as soon as possible after the first treatment.

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