Do you know why Gruhapravesa is performed when you enter the new house?

There is a specific reason for every custom followed by Hinduism, including Gruhapravesa. Let’s see what is it.

Nowadays people kept changing their houses. They just move in without following any traditions. Some people just celebrate by inviting few people and have a party. Where is the culture? Where is the Tradition?

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Back in those days, our ancestors used to do a Gruhapravesa as soon as they move into new house. They had a genuine reason to do that. But now this system is getting fade. People are getting attached to disgusting western culture.

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The place where we live is very important. Certain corners or region in the house will affect our psychological behavior and the lives of individuals in it. Along with this, evil spirits live in an empty house. Certain ritual ceremonies should be performed to get rid of those negative spirits. Then you can live happily without any psychological disturbance.

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Another factor behind Gruhapravesa is that anyone with anger, madness, and jealousy, Performing Gruhapravesa when entered into the new house will make you relieve and to start a new life. Many people desire is to lead a happy life at least in the new house. So Gruhapravesa will make your house clean from the negative spirits and help you to lead a fresh life with happiness and prosperity.

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