Gujarath-Himachal triumph

Gujarath-Himachal victory

Gujarath-Himachal triumph: Trends from the Gujarat Assembly election 2017 results suggest a clear victory for the BJP. The BJP is on its way to form the government in Modi’s home state for the sixth consecutive time.

GST-Demonetisation mania

That party was very much Happy for an hour and thought it would hoist the flag for the next 5 years in Gujarat but then luck and fate turned them down as again saffron party started waving their colours with sun joined along the saffron army in the evening!

Gujarath-Himachal triumph Gujarath-Himachal triumph

Going by caste divided votes versus development in the nation, people chose development as they are well adjusted for GST, Demonetisation and other developments which had taken place in the nation for 3 years.

Well, whole India is looking in saffron except for the four states, Is it the sign of prosperity? The question passed through my mind is because “saffron” in Indian flag indicates prosperity.

People have changed so as their mindset and we Indians are looking for DEVELOPMENT but not any caste-based politics.

Then, give me blood and I will give you freedom

Now, give me your some precious time and I will give you developed India

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