People don’t pay tax in these countries

We have listed some 5 countries where people don’t pay any tax to the government.

People don’t pay tax in these countries

In our country, we must pay income taxes to the government, even if we join the job and do business. So many people avoid paying tax and gather black money. We pay income tax according to our earnings. But in some countries, it is not necessary to pay income taxes. Let’s see which are those countries.

1. Qatar

Workers don’t need to pay income taxes here. But traders should pay 10% of their business income. Even if they make so many profits in the business, it is enough to pay 10% of the income tax.

2. Oman

In this country, income taxes don’t need to pay for the income they receive in employment or trade.

3. U A E

In U.A.E, Only oil, gas, and service providers must pay tax.

4. Vanuatu

No matter how much you earn, whether you are in employment or business, you do not have to pay any taxes. But if anyone donates money to this country, they will receive free civil rights of the country.

5. The Cayman Islands

Anyone who does not have income taxes should have an annual income of $1.50 lakh. Or have real estate assets or companies worth $5 trillion in their name.

There are many other countries where tax is not mandatory and people lead a tax-free life.

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